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Who and what is Blue Mercury?

As we have had a COVID-19 'self-pivot' we often get asked what is it that you actually do?

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In a nutshell, we use scalable, adaptable solutions, delivering exactly what is needed to develop your unique combination of talents, knowledge and skills.

Outside the nutshell, we do loads! Whether its one on one, team or organisational development... But I thought, for ease, I would introduce you to our 2 big hitters!

The Emotional Culture sessions work on unveiling and understanding the culture your organisation fosters and encourages, through the Riders&Elephants Emotional Culture Deck (ECD).

We can use this tool to extrapolate Employee Experience (EX), as well as Customer Experience (CX), so you can ascertain and nuture ‘how people want to feel’.

In regard to employees, a strong emotional culture, will make your team feel valued, part of an established community, and it can be an influential driver in their;

- productivity,

- motivation,

- attitude,

- retention, and

- communication.

For your customer experience, truly understanding your unique customer needs helps improve, not only the buying experience and loyalty but also the bottom line.

​Our goal is to sit down to a structured face-to-face discussion about workplace culture, emotions and experience in a logical and methodical manner. This is with the ECD (Emotional Culture Deck) – a set of cards!

We play a game to removing stigma that can come from conversations of this nature, by making it fun, engaging and conversational.

From here we work through managing your own emotions, your leaders, and your people (depending on your organisational goals). Working on action plans and implementation tools to make the session outcomes stick long term!

The emotional Culture Deck ECD Elephant rider Bronze

This is a tool for you to stop wondering what you’re good at and start knowing.

It is a combination of online assessment and personalised coaching session to identify your natural talents so you can perform better in your job, build stronger relationships and achieve personal growth. The assessments are easy to take, and your results are available instantly.

Some people just have the assessment (without the coaching) and find it a bit like a buzzfeed quiz. However, once you have the 90 minute coaching session, it takes your results from something interesting that sits in the drawer, so something that grows with you and helps you develop everyday.

By discovering your unique personal strengths, together we will be able to look at what floats your boat and understand (and manage) what makes you tear your hair out!

This can then build this into group or organisational knowledge, so you can start working on building a strong, foundation for your team dynamic. Learning the language of strengths, you will to be able to recruit, retain and develop strong teams.

Strengths Network South pacific Cliftonstrengths coaching gallup

At Blue Mercury Leadership, we have programmes to get you and your team more aligned through strengths and indepth constructive discussions.

If this is something that you, or your team would like to understand more, please get in touch at our website we would love to help.


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