Please note the testimonials below are based on a different professional and personal development programme offered by Sharon, prior to her passing in 2020.


Blue Mercury Leadership has continued from her passion, her experience and her dedication to people.

The vision remains the same, therefore I offer the comments below as the building blocks to

for renewed Blue Mercury.

Blue Mercury is grown from this strong foundation of success.

I would like to say thank you for all the tools / skill sets that you have taught me over my year of attending your leadership focus group. I have found these to be invaluable in stepping up to my new role as Silverdale branch manager.

My key learnings were:

  • Negotiation 

  • Communication 

  • Understanding the different stages of a high performance team and how to keep that team performing.

  • Tools


I could not have had the success that I have had at Silverdale, without the use of some or all of these skills that I have learnt from Blue Mercury.


—  Niel Wade,

Allied Concrete

Having completed this programme, I now feel confident and enthusiastic about striving for management-level position. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the inter-active nature of the training, and the support received from Sharon and Nola throughout, was exceptional.


—  Sue Harris,

Netball Mainland

I recently finished the "Lead the Way" programme coached by Sharon.


The Blue Mercury Leadership course helped me improve my relationship not only with my working team but also with my family, because I started to listen more than I talked.


I found the experience challenging and very rewarding.


I would recommend Sharon and the Blue Mercury Leadership team to people who wish to improve their interpersonal skills and be part of a winning team!


—  Sandrine Smith

I really enjoyed the leadership training provided through Blue Mercury and I now feel more confident and empowered in my role as an Area Manager. 

You have done a fantastic job of tailoring the training to the Tradestaff AM team, your encouragement and support is very much appreciated.


—  Geoff Campbell,

TradeStaff Area Manager

I decided to do the Lead the Way course (National Certificate in Business - First Line Management (Level 4) with Sharon and Blue Mercury Leadership because I felt that that I needed to get into some more study; I think study and self-development, regardless of your age or life situation is always important.


I did this, alongside the WILSS National Certificate in Sport Administration course. As a full time working mother with two boys aged 8 and 11, this course structure allowed me to study without interrupting my other everyday commitments.


This course provides a wonderful foundation for those in organizations who are working alongside other people all the time, both paid and in volunteer positions. It gives you some guidance and support in various aspects of developing not only yourself but those around you.


The skills and knowledge gained to help you to build productive high performance teams with effective leadership. The practical knowledge gained can be applied to all aspects of life and work going forward into the future.


Sharon is an amazing and inspirational person, and without her guidance I would have really struggled. I always went away from course with a great sense of achievement, not just with the course work, but also with the other words of wisdom that Sharon uses in the delivery of her course.


I have definitely gone away from the course with a greater sense of self-ability, and strength.


Since finishing the course, I have changed jobs gaining a position in a multi-million dollar company, and now have the tools and strength to trust in my abilities going forward.


—  Keri Baillie

Yeay, I passed!! 

Having not studied for several years I was a little apprehensive about signing up for the First Line Business Management Course. – Now, having done the course I can honestly say it has definitely set me on an awesome career pathway.

With the support and encouragement given by staff at Blue Mercury I learnt how to set goals, work to a timetable, research information, and gained skills to present to an audience with the confidence and knowledge that what I am delivering is easily understood both verbally and in written format.


I still go back to the tutors from time to time and run questions past them - that’s the great thing about Blue Mercury – even after you have completed the course they are still there to support you 100%.

The whole program is amazing and promote it wherever I can – if you are looking to further your knowledge, add an extra tool to your toolbox, or looking for something a little bit different – GO FOR IT – you should never stop learning!

— Jeni Nunn 

Primary School Events Coordinator, (SBOP)

Completing Strength Finder gave me greater insight into what drives me, how my mannerisms can affect others, and how I can be more successful by using my strengths in conjunction with each other. 


I have found myself more conscious of how I approach tasks and interact with those around me. 


I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking to enhance their natural abilities and glean an insight into who they really are. 


Sharon’s debrief session is amazing and while I knew my strengths, I had no comprehension of how they impacted me on a daily basis.


— Shelly

—  Shelley

Sharon helped me uncover and understand how and why I work.


This has really helped me with the way I approach potential clients & market myself.


The information learnt will not only benefit my business life but personal one too.


Thanks Sharon you are an amazing lady.

— Lynda Walters-Smith

Admin & Beyond

Lead the way has been an amazing journey that has given me the confidence to lead my team properly and get better results.

— Nathan Brown
Hydra Plumbing Supplies

—  Shelley

Sharon has this wonderful trait of teasing the best out of people. Sitting quietly in the background in one of her coaching sessions is not possible.


She ensures that all are engaged and personally challenged while not being intimidated.


All of my staff members have left her sessions with a positive energised outlook that has endured in the workplace.

— Brian Godfrey

National Training Manager, Allied Concrete

Sharon’s Personal Brand course has made the single biggest difference in my business.


She has helped me realise how good I can be and helped me find my own style.


I would recommend to anyone who thinks they could be better in their role, especially if that role includes personal relationships.

— Matt Richens

Financial Adviser

When I first heard about Lead the Way I can safely say my life was a mess. Not in the sense of anything dramatic, but I was late (everywhere), disorganized, and negative – about everything.


To be totally honest I was struggling. I wasn’t doing my job well, I was pushing my body to the point I had shin splints in both legs and feet and was sick what felt like all of the time, and if there was a negative in a conversation with my friends and family I could find it. I had lost my way. 

I was then encouraged to do Lead the Way. To begin with I could not imagine anything worse, where was I going to find the time to study among everything else? But slowly the idea took hold and I signed up. Lead the Way changed me, and still impacts my everyday decisions three years later. 

In a work sense I am more organized and now have the skills to get the best out of the team I work with. I changed my communication style, become more organized, and now plan every meeting I go into. I also have more confidence in myself and am continually working with my team to achieve our goals, which in turn allows us to achieve our company objectives. Lead the Way changed my mindset and encouraged me to come up with solutions to issues, and an action plan for these solutions so they are put into place.  

A lot of what I learnt along the way transitioned into my everyday life, my time management improved, which includes scheduling in time to cook and eat the meals my body needs to train and remain healthy. In my volunteer role I become easier to deal with as I had the skills to reach our objectives in the timelines required. I also learnt about buying into the politics’ of a sport and the impact other people’s attitudes can have on your personal mindset. 

The most noticeable difference across both work and personal was my attitude. Gone was the sulky, negative person who was scared to step outside her comfort zone. She was replaced by a confident, on time, positive, young woman who will push her boundaries in every way possible to improve and be a better person than she was the day before.


— Jane Hickmott

Business Development Manager, MasterCard

I completed the 'Personal Brand' leadership course with Sharon and found it to be invaluable in both my business and personal life.


She helped me to concentrate on my delivery, including communication, voice modulation and consistency to name just a few.


This course was comprehensive and educational and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering taking up a leadership role, or wishes to improve their leadership skills.


Sharon's expert knowledge was conveyed in a professional yet friendly manner and I cannot recommend her more highly.

— Trish Lawrence

TLC Realty Ltd

Sharon's Leadership course has taken me through a journey to challenge, explore and condense all aspects of leadership in a practical manner.


This has allowed me to move my business to the next level - highly recommended

:- )


— Maria Gold

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