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About Blue Mercury

Blue Mercury Leadership is a small dedicated team who work across all sectors and take pride in our personable approach. 

Our clients are our key focus and we aim to work with them along whatever journey they are on.

We focus on their needs and deliver to those needs.

We believe people development is about relationships, communication and honesty and our long standing clients know we see their people development as a partnership.

Your team is our team.

our beginnings

Blue Mercury was built from a lifelong dedication to see the positive in every situation.


Opportunities to grow are everywhere, its how they are framed and perceived that affects how impactful they are.

Sharon Woodings started Blue Mercury in 2007, with a history of coaching, charity work and education.

The company grew from a need.  She saw great people sabotaging themselves in their relationships at home and work through poor communication, a lack of understanding about personal brand and a lack of understanding around others.

Sharon passed away in 2020, after a short but gutsy battle with Lymphoma, and Kayleigh (her daughter) decided to continue her legacy with her experience from the International and Corporate world. Continuing the mission to create a happier, more motivated and more productive world.


We, as Blue Mercury, believe;

If people can be the best they can be everyday, (and know this is a personal choice), then this has a ripple effect on everyone within their influence.  It was from this vision that Blue Mercury came into being, and continues today.

Our Logo

BMerc Logo2a.jpg

The Blue Mercury Logo represents our view on leadership. We believe leadership is all inclusive, like a sphere.  It encompasses how you treat others, how you see yourself, and your actions. 

We believe leadership is adaptable, like Mercury. It is important to lead how your people need you to. The leader that does this will win the hearts and souls of their people and get great results. 

Mercury the Roman god, (Hermes in Greek) is the messenger. God of translators and interpreters. We believe Leadership is communicative. Effective communication is the connection between the leader and their people, and leadership is the transmission of ideas and vision into results. If you look closely you will find his wings within our sphere.

Why Blue? Blue has always been a fluid representation of emotions - trust, reliability, peace and security. But also motivational aspects like productivity, honesty, dependability, intelligence and stability, which is what we aspire to bring to the world.

On our new 2020 logo at the top of our page, you will also see a bit of Sharon - a bright ray of sunshine, in a yellow dash below our name. Consistently holding us up, and bringing light to our world.

Our goals

Individual Growth


Individual growth occurs at the pace of the individual involved. The skilled facilitators at Blue Mercury Leadership build rapport with individuals whether they are in a group programme or in a one-on-one coaching session. Time is taken to get to know each person in their workplace and in their communities.


We also learn and take interest in what is important for individuals and discuss the non-negotiable in their lives, their hopes and their dreams. This is the basis of all development. Trust is created which allows us to stretch people and assist them to be the best they can be in the world, and for the world.

Team Cohesiveness

We believe it is important to work closely with each company and ensure we have a good understanding of the issues from their perspective before we work with teams. We work meticulously with team members connecting personal and company goals. We also ensure we understand the environment they are functioning in both at work and home.


Communication is often a strong theme throughout these sessions and we often promote the saying “Communication is the response you get back.” In other words ‘take responsibility for the communication results you need’.


When we work with teams we look at each group as a group of talented individuals who work with others to achieve a common goal. 

Organisational Prosperity

Prosperity is an interesting word, for most people it pulls them to an economic focus, but there are other aspects of prosperity that are equally as important to a company to thrive. At Blue Mercury, we understand the being successful financially is critical to business success, so development and growth of your employees and culture will have a benefit to your bottom line.

Happy employees, lead to happy customers. The key to achieving customer happiness, as in customers who want to do business with you again and again, is to focus on employee happiness first.

Therefore for us, Organisational Prosperity means we are focused on making your business, team and customers - happy, successful and healthy.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

If Blue Mercury was an animal?

We would be a doggo!

As a team we embody the loyalty, companionship, reliability, dependability and unconditional support that dogs offer.


As well as the energy, dedication, determination, enthusiasm and confidence to get things done! 


Although 'dog tired' is not something we use in our vocab very often ... 

If Blue Mercury was a Super Hero?

Our superhero Power?
We create safe spaces to talk and be heard


Our arch nemesis?


The evil we aim to rid the world of?

The dread of Monday morning alarms and disconnected workplaces.


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