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emotional Culture, 
Customer and employee experience

use the 'f word' at work


What is Emotional Culture (EQ)?

Emotional Culture (EQ) is the overall culture your team fosters and encourages.

This is built from your shared values, norms and assumptions that influence the behaviours, actions and feelings you portray as a team. 

A strong emotional culture, will make your team mates feel valued, part of an established community, and it can be an influential driver in;
  • productivity,
  • motivation,
  • attitude,
  • retention, and
  • communication.

Whether you want your team to feel safe and protected, or challenged and excited will control what your emotional culture looks like - so you need to look at the outcomes you expect as well as the way you want to outwardly appear.
Until, you as a team, sit down and discuss the expectations you have about this, it will be a struggle to build an emotionally healthy team environment.
Our goal is to sit down to a structured face-to-face discussion about workplace culture, emotions and experience in a logical and methodical manner - removing stigma that can come from conversations of this nature, by making it fun, engaging and conversational.

We deliver this all by asking a simple question - 'How do you want to feel at work?'


Customer Experience (CX)
and Employee Experience (EX)?

By using a similar tool to investigate your Emotional Culture we can look at your expectations, goals and plans to develop your Employee and Customer experience.

For both experiences, consistency is key, so without having a distinct plan in place, this can be difficult to quantify, track or achieve stable engagement.

A great Customer Experience (CX) encompasses your customers holistic perception of their experience with your team. Through every interaction, the goal is to provide a consistent level of service over the duration of their journey with your team. A level of service that connects with your team goals and strategies, but also ensures the customer will use your service again, and recommend you to others.

In the same manner, Employee Experience (EX) is about the same journey, but for your team. How can you design a journey from recruitment to exit that encompasses the same level of service, engagement and care for your employees (or team) as you do for your customers. Making sure you focus on all aspects of their development, from their role and workspace, up to their leadership connection and wellbeing.

Both experiences can be described as the journey this person takes with your organisation. It includes every interaction that happens along the life cycle. Boosting both EX and CX will help you attract, engage and develop the right people to be in your team, and be your customers.
What is involved in the Emotional Culture, Employee Experience or Customer Experience process?
  • We connect with you about the outcomes you are after, employee or customer engagement?
  • You receive our recommendations for the best process to achieve these.
  • Normally a good starting point is a 2-3 hour Emotional Culture Session as a group
    to give you the tools for a 5 month self-driven programme.
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