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community events

CliftonStrengths Morning Coffee Catchup- queenstown

In the spirit of building community, having more rich conversations, and creating environments to meet new people.


We will be hosting a CliftonStrengths breakfast coffee meet up, before work once a month to keep developing our knowledge, conversation skills and listening practice.

Come and meet others who:
- have similar strengths as you,
- different strengths that you haven't heard of before, and
- people who are completely new to the tool, who just want to learn more! (Come along and pick our brains!)


Talking about strengths before work will inspire you to go out and use your best skills in the day ahead.


Best of all.... it is free!

Business and Leadership Book Club - Queenstown

- Have a list of books you want to read, but never seem to get around to?

- Need motivation to switch off Netflix and learn?

- Keen to discuss business and leadership concepts with other driven people in your community.

This will be people coming together to with a common purpose, to have interesting conversation and meet new people. The intention is that we come together in person, for a wine, beer or your non-alcoholic preference. However if COVID stands in our way, we can move this into an online forum very easily.

It's free to join - feel free to bring whoever you like along, the session will run with 1 or 100 people.

Queenstown local Volunteer Opportunities

We thought it would be nice to collate some of the recommendations from the Blue Mercury community, so that when you are making plans for your volunteer days this year you have a whole bunch of options!

Below is an editable google doc, so please feel free to add more information - contact details, email addresses or POC's to help it become a living, breathing document.

We hope it inspires you to add a volunteering day into your calendar!

Nothing Else is in the pipeline currently...

But please get in touch if you have some ideas for some community collaboration - we are all ears!

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