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gallup cliftonstrengths

diving deep into your strengths

not weaknesses

Focus on your Team Strengths

What are your team members awesome at?


Too often as a culture we focus on ‘what’s wrong' or ‘finding the problem’.

However, research on maximising human potential shows that focusing on strengths is much more likely to create lasting change and deliver business benefits.


Gallup CliftonStrengths (previously StrengthsFinder) is a framework for one-on-one coaching, team mastery and organisational development, with the goal of having the whole team using the same language about their unique strengths and utilising shared action plans to journey forward together.


Your Strength themes are your talent DNA.

They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel and behave.


This professional coaching technique enables you to focus on, celebrate, and develop your team’s personal strengths. Spending time with an Accredited CliftonStrengths coach will help each member of your team discover the profound impact of their Top 5 Signature Themes in all areas of life.


Once your team know their individual strengths in more detail and share this information with their colleagues they will understand the unique ways they contribute, and the areas where they may need support from others. This focus on development has been shown to increase employee engagement and help your business thrive.


All coaching sessions and additional workshops can be customised and delivered in-house or remotely.

What is included:

Online CliftonStrengths Assessment  (approximately 1 hour)

Personalised Top 5 Signature Theme Report and Insight Guide

90 minute personal coaching session per person to unpack each of your teams individual themes

Additional one-to-one coaching sessions, manager feedback, facilitated team analysis and follow-up of team action plans are available as add-ons.

Contact us for a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss how CliftonStrengths can help your teams.

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Completing Strength Finder gave me greater insight into what drives me, how my mannerisms can affect others, and how I can be more successful by using my strengths in conjunction with each other. 


I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking to enhance their natural abilities and glean an insight into who they really are.