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Do you have the key? - CliftonStrengths®

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

We are told all our lives what we do wrong. We are told to complete tasks in the way the last person did it because… it was right. Well times have changed; we need to change our focus and start understanding our Strengths. Start using them with Character and enjoying life whilst gaining great results. Interested?

It’s been a year since training in as a CliftonStrengths coach and what a journey it’s been.

Seeing good people, walk in with low self-esteem and report in their hand.

They are suspicious of the process.

Sometimes their shoulders look heavy with the weight they carry around. They are not sure about this report…is this another thing which tells them they are not good enough?

There is perhaps one of the Strengths in their report they don’t like?

The process starts with helping the person feel comfortable with the environment. Then, through a series of questions, we help unlock the strengths.

We then discuss how these strengths can be used with Character. Each person starts to comprehend how using strengths will work for both them and others that they have relationships with.

The joy for me is watching a person evolve an understanding.

It may be that they have been sabotaging themselves or it may be they are in a work place where they can or cannot use their strengths effectively.

This process is the start of a journey to develop oneself from what they have always known yet not necessarily been conscious of.

At the end of the process I have observed physical difference. A lightness in their step. A comment like;

“I’m actually pretty great, aren’t I?”

The final thing I love to see is a focus on the power each individual has to make things work for them. To enjoy the process and play consciously to those strengths on a daily basis.

‘To celebrate what is right with them’ and ‘To not be everything to everybody but be the best version of themselves.’

The confidence and passion needs to be seen to be believed. Why don’t more people know about this amazing tool?

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