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Understand Your Team

While all teams are groups of individuals, not all groups of individuals are teams.

Research consistently suggests that an effective team can outperform all reasonable expectations given to its individual members. That is, a team has a synergistic effect—one plus one equals a lot more than two.

There is technique in teamwork – and it can be done well or done poorly.

Effective Teamwork Enables: 

  • Recognition and use of each person’s unique contribution

  • Most effective ‘data collection’ in rapidly changing situations

  • Engagement and satisfaction that meets the social needs of individuals and the group

  • Improved interpersonal communications allowing more energy to be directed into the task

  • Efficient assignment of work drawing on members’ strengths and expertise

  • Quality decision making through the ‘wisdom of teams’

The key to knowing what each person brings to the team mix is made up of two parts:

  1. Functional Role (What we do)

  2. Team Role (How we do it)​

    • Our tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate in certain ways.

It is with the latter that behaviour style identification can help. It is easier to work effectively with people when you are given some expectations of their behaviour preferences and tendencies.

Learn more about Belbin

Team Belbin Process through Blue Mercury

  1. Initial meeting to determine your groups' individual needs.

  2. Purchase Belbin logons for each of your team members $160 +GST each.

  3. Group session to review the results and discuss the make up of your team, and learn the strengths of how to use these team positions to create a strong team.

  4. It is possible that you may find you are missing an essential role in your team. In this case, you may also want to consider the Recruitment Improvement Course.

There are many benefits to understanding your team's dynamics including:

  • Understanding and valuing how we each contribute to a group​

  • Understanding why some people annoy us and strategies around that​

  • Understanding how the Balance of attributes within a group and how to ensure the group works together effectively.​

  • Understanding how to get back up and running if a team member leaves or is replaced

— Brian Godfrey

National Training Manager, Allied Concrete

Sharon has this wonderful trait of teasing the best out of people. Sitting quietly in the background in one of her coaching sessions is not possible.


She ensures that all are engaged and personally challenged while not being intimidated.


All of my staff members have left her sessions with a positive energised outlook that has endured in the workplace.




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