Team Leader Development - NZQA Level 4
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Team Leader Development - Level 4

This is a Level 4 NZQA course, in Business: First Line Management.


The main focus of the course to learn leadership skills in relation to your workplaces processes, strategies, and values, for up to 12 participants per course.

Each session will involve working alongside an internal coach on a real business project. The final product will include either a business report on your findings, or a presentation to your business seniors.

Are your team leaders confidently driving your business to success, or battling to survive? Effective leaders are essential to company success. This programme is a leading edge solution to the team leadership challenge. It integrates understanding the team leader role with the development of personal and team
leadership skills - all within a continuous improvement framework.

This course equips team leaders to:

  • Confidently make the transition from team member to team leader.

  • Clearly understand exactly what the team leadership role is all about.

  • Develop the personal and team leadership skills to successfully lead a small team.

  • Understand and apply continuous improvement principles and tools.

  • Successfully deliver the desired performance results

  • Develop the skills to bring about effective change

  • Develop great time management skills

The programme will:

  • Challenge people out of their comfort zone

  • Get participants to lead a major improvement project within an organisation

  • Get an opportunity to work alongside a coach

  • Give an opportunity to network with like-minded people

  • Assure a positive return on the investment in the development of the participant

  • Allow participants to achieve a National Certificate Business Level 3: First Line Management

How does this programme work?
The programme consists of seven very practical modules plus one extra day for the participants to present their improvement projects.


An additional half-day for coaching the coaches is also set aside, if requested. These will be delivered in a mutually agreed time span - usually 3 to 4 weeks between sessions.


The programme uses Action Learning which involves:

  • Learning by practical experience on the job

  • Undertaking an exciting and challenging business improvement project

  • Participating in highly interactive, participative workshops

  • Learning from each other

  • Stimulating Action Learning sessions based on questioning, listening, reflection, action and learning

  • A half-day session for coaches

Who is this programme for?

  • Experienced team leaders who have not previously had robust leadership training

  • Newly appointed team leaders

  • High potential people identified for future promotion

What will participants gain from this programme?

Module 1 - learn what being a team leader is really about. They will also discover and assess themselves against the skills that drive great performance. They will develop a plan to implement a continuous improvement project.

Module 2 - learn how to communicate with influence to gain great results, how to ask good questions, listen to understand, to lead good meetings and manage conflict.

Module 3 - learn continuous improvement principles and practical techniques that companies use to improve all aspects of their performance. Working smarter through problem-solving, not

Module 4 - learn how to build and lead high performance work teams.

Module 5 - better understand change and how to transition people through effectively engaging their workforce. Learning to give feedback on performance for effective results.

Module 6 - learn how to coach and develop people.

Module 7 - learn how to enhance the results they will achieve through goal - setting, effective time management by increasing personal productivity and performance. They will learn a number of very practical tools and how to apply these tools.

Sharon's Leadership course has taken me through a journey to challenge, explore and condense all aspects of leadership in a practical manner.


This has allowed me to move my business to the next level - highly recommended :- )


— Maria Gold

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