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Quick Start Leadership
30 min
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Quick Start Leadership

The Quick Start Leadership Programme has been developed as a tool to assist in minimising the challenges that leaders face.


It’s a huge leap from team member to team leader. As new leaders strive to master their role, performance is often not optimal and pressures mount. Often the new leader’s manager lacks coaching skills, making the situation tougher.


This programme has the ability to develop two people at once: New Team Leaders and their Managers.

The programme has two major goals

  • To develop essential leadership capabilities to confidently lead a small team for desired results.

  • Managers develop the coaching and mentoring skills to  support and further develop their people.

Who is this programme for?


  • QuickStart is designed as a short, sharp introductory level programme targeting:

    • ​Team members who have been identified as having leadership potential

    • Leaders who are relatively new to their roles

    • More experienced leaders who need a ‘refresher’ of their leadership thinking and skills

    • Leaders who have not previously had the opportunity to participate in leadership development programmes

What is the structure of the programme?

  • Each participant completes the Belbin Team Role Profiling
    Exercise before Day 1 of the workshop.

  • Managers of the course participants have a half-day coaching skills workshop on the morning of the first day.

  • A two-and-a-half day development programme for participants, starting at noon on the first day:

    • Day 1 

      • Modu​le 1 - Setting the scene & self-management

    • Day 2 

      • Module 2 - Leadership & Goal Setting

      • Module 3 - Communication and Relationship Skills

      • Module 4 - Team & Organisational Development

    • Day 3 

      • Module 5 - Performance Management - Feedback &

      • Module 6 - Planning & preparing for learning in action

      • Module 7 - Attitude

      • Mini Business Goals

    • 6 weeks later

      • A half-day follow-up workshop for participants and coaches to review their Mini Business Goal Outcomes.​

What does the programme involve?


  • Participants complete a small, meaningful Business Improvement Project after the initial three day course.

  • We use the most effective adult learning tools available.

  • We use practical, highly interactive and Action Learning principles.

  • We provide a clear understanding of the team leader’s role and provide practical tools essential for leadership and management success

  • Coaching sessions for the participants' managers - an important part of the learning process

  • The use of training videos such as ‘Gung-Ho’, ‘Fish’ and others.

  • Informal ‘report back’ presentations by each participant given to group six weeks after completing the main workshop.

— Brian Godfrey

National Training Manager, Allied Concrete

Sharon has this wonderful trait of teasing the best out of people. Sitting quietly in the background in one of her coaching sessions is not possible.


She ensures that all are engaged and personally challenged while not being intimidated.


All of my staff members have left her sessions with a positive energised outlook that has endured in the workplace.