Lead the Way - First Line Management Lv4
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Lead the Way - First Line Management


Set up specifically for small business, not-for-profits, teachers and recreation industry, the Lead the Way development program allows participants to gain a Level 4 National Certificate Qualification, develop leadership capabilities, bring about change in their organisation, and positively influence your organisation.


8 months (1 day per month)


This will be arranged to suit the group during our free initial meeting.

Session Times

8am to 4pm

Lead the Way is a level 4 NZQA course, in Business, developed for Not for Profits and Small Business. It focuses on Leadership, Change Management, Teamwork, Effective communication, and Productivity .

This programme is made up of 7 modules that are delivered over 7 days. Each delivery has a workbook, which must be completed accurately to achieve the qualification.

Programme Outcomes include:


  • Practical and directly relevant development to the nature of the organisation’s business.

  • Tangible organisation benefits i.e. increased capability and engagement

  • Recognised development that is linked to the qualifications framework

  • Learning by practical experience and on-the-job development

  • Minimal disruption to normal work routines

  • Achievement of a significant organisational improvement project during the programme

  • Significant one-on-one coaching during the process

  • Significant networking between participants and learning from each other by using the Action Learning framework

— Jane Hickmott

Business Development Manager, MasterCard

When I first heard about Lead the Way I can safely say my life was a mess. Not in the sense of anything dramatic, but I was late (everywhere), disorganized, and negative – about everything.


To be totally honest I was struggling. I wasn’t doing my job well, I was pushing my body to the point I had shin splints in both legs and feet and was sick what felt like all of the time, and if there was a negative in a conversation with my friends and family I could find it. I had lost my way. 

I was then encouraged to do Lead the Way. To begin with I could not imagine anything worse, where was I going to find the time to study among everything else? But slowly the idea took hold and I signed up. Lead the Way changed me, and still impacts my everyday decisions three years later. 

In a work sense I am more organized and now have the skills to get the best out of the team I work with. I changed my communication style, become more organized, and now plan every meeting I go into. I also have more confidence in myself and am continually working with my team to achieve our goals, which in turn allows us to achieve our company objectives. Lead the Way changed my mindset and encouraged me to come up with solutions to issues, and an action plan for these solutions so they are put into place.  

A lot of what I learnt along the way transitioned into my everyday life, my time management improved, which includes scheduling in time to cook and eat the meals my body needs to train and remain healthy. In my volunteer role I become easier to deal with as I had the skills to reach our objectives in the timelines required. I also learnt about buying into the politics’ of a sport and the impact other people’s attitudes can have on your personal mindset. 

The most noticeable difference across both work and personal was my attitude. Gone was the sulky, negative person who was scared to step outside her comfort zone. She was replaced by a confident, on time, positive, young woman who will push her boundaries in every way possible to improve and be a better person than she was the day before.




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