Employee Success Stories

As with all personal development; this is a partnership between a group of people and Blue Mercury Leadership to get great results.


However the primary responsibility sits with each person being developed. Most people who come on Blue Mercury Leadership courses move along the learning continuum.


The examples below are of people who took the ball with both hands and ran with it. We are privileged to be part of their journey.

Written communication transformation

Bill was a good operator. He had Best Plant two years in a row and his company knew he was doing something right.


However Bill had difficulty with literacy and had no formal qualification. Bill was a great communicator with everything except the written word. He was very astute with getting to know people and working out how to get the very best from them.


Over two business qualifications, the Blue Mercury team spent large amounts of time, often at night and on the weekend, helping Bill work though unit standards to ensure that he gained both qualifications.


He is an intelligent guy and just needed assistance with getting the information down on paper. Bill was really thrilled at gaining these two qualifications.


It boosted his confidence so much and he went on to tackle an international qualification and now runs one of the company’s biggest plants in one of their busiest cities.

Ability to positively steer energy & passion

Mike was ball of energy and very passionate. He loved his job but constantly argued with one person with whom he shared an office. He would get extremely wound up, it was full on.


Mike couldn’t sit still and tended to act first and think later. The end result was that there were many disasters that others needed to clean up. There was no one who would argue against the fact that Mike had potential leadership skills; the issue was to be able to get him to curb that energy and steer it into giving positive results.


Through two years of leadership development, the team at Blue Mercury worked with Mike to give him tools for his tool kit so he would be armed with strategies for various situations.


About a year after the development, he phoned us to say thank you. He had to dismiss someone and knew that he may have previously ended up in a PG situation. On this occasion, he went back to his notes, planned the conversation and got a great result. He was really proud of how he handled the situation.


Mike has now gone on to be part of a company-wide talent ID group where he has had opportunities to lead people in areas outside his own areas of expertise. He has had a mentor during this process and is continuing to develop as a leader with further potential for his company.

Reluctant Reactionary to Thoughtful Leader

Belinda was a highly energetic person. She was competent and was used to relying only on herself. Her boss told her it would benefit her and her team if she attended to our Level Four Lead the Way - First Line Management programme.


She was not happy, but turned up to the first module. She told everyone quite emphatically that in her opinion, she did not need this course and she was too busy to be there. We convinced her to at least give it a day and then see what she thought.


She had travelled 1 ½ hours to get there and it seemed a waste for her to turn around and drive home. At the end of that day, she said she might come back for another day and we left it at that.

On the second day, Belinda did turn up but with a somewhat aggressive attitude. It was obvious that she was starting to upset the others in the group and because of this she was advised that she either settle down and join in or excuse herself from the workshop immediately.

Although this direct approach shocked a number of people, including Belinda, it calmed her down and caused her to reassess the situation. The result was that said she wanted to stay on.


From then on she completely settled down and this is where her story really begins. With the same kind of passion that she brought on day 1, but from then on it was all positive. She flung herself headfirst into the programme and found that all the learnings related to her.


Belinda made huge changes in how she interacted with others and her results improved steadily. The programme gave her insights into herself, others, and the relationships she had inside and outside of a work environment. This had a hugely positive effect on these relationships.


She chose to change from being reactionary type of person to being one who thought through her actions. Belinda went on to be first in the group to finish her qualification. She initiated significant changes to improve her organisation and she still keeps in touch regarding any new challenges and achievements in her life.



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