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Custom Team Courses

All of our courses are bespoke, because we understand that everyone learns differently and has different needs when it comes to their development.

If none of our standard courses are exactly what you are looking for, we will try our hardest to create on to your specific needs.


We can take bits and pieces of other courses and create something unique to your workplace.

The Blue Mercury team pride themselves with creating programmes to fit with the individual needs of each client. This may be group work aligned with NZQA qualifications; team development with or without management; individual coaching or specific one of programmes to cater for those specific needs.


Examples of custom courses and needs
• Personal resilience
• Effective communication
• Communication is English is your second language
• Helping to create a high performing team


As our clients’ needs evolve so do the programmes that we run.


We take pride in understanding and taking an interest in our clients business hence there are ongoing conversation’s with those clients letting them know about new and exciting techniques which may be useful for their specific business.

— Brian Godfrey

National Training Manager, Allied Concrete

Sharon has this wonderful trait of teasing the best out of people. Sitting quietly in the background in one of her coaching sessions is not possible.


She ensures that all are engaged and personally challenged while not being intimidated.


All of my staff members have left her sessions with a positive energised outlook that has endured in the workplace.



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