Belbin Team Profile - Individual
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Belbin Team Profile - Individual

While all teams are groups of individuals, not all groups of individuals are teams.

Research consistently suggests that an effective team can outperform all reasonable expectations given to its individual members. That is, a team has a synergistic effect—one plus one equals a lot more than two.

There is technique in teamwork – and it can be done well or done poorly.

Effective Teamwork Enables: 

  • Recognition and use of each person’s unique contribution

  • Most effective ‘data collection’ in rapidly changing situations

  • Engagement and satisfaction that meets the social needs of individuals and the group

  • Improved interpersonal communications allowing more energy to be directed into the task

  • Efficient assignment of work drawing on members’ strengths and expertise

  • Quality decision making through the ‘wisdom of teams’

The key to knowing what each person brings to the team mix is made up of two parts:

  1. Functional Role (What we do)

  2. Team Role (How we do it)​

    • Our tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate in certain ways.

It is with the latter that behaviour style identification can help. It is easier to work effectively with people when you are given some expectations of their behaviour preferences and tendencies.

Belbin results give insight for an individual on how they see themselves and how others see them. This can lead to better intercommunication and give that individual the opportunity for the individual to play to their strengths on a regular basis.

Through understanding how others see them, a pathway may open around difficult conversations and how to work more effectively with others.

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At the time of purchasing, you'll also choose a time that suits you to go through a debrief and coaching session with your Belbin results. This process can be done in a group or individually.

— Lynda Walters-Smith

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Sharon helped me uncover and understand how and why I work.


This has really helped me with the way I approach potential clients & market myself.


The information learnt will not only benefit my business life but personal one too.


Thanks Sharon you are an amazing lady.



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