About Sharon Woodings

I have a background in education, coaching and the arts.  This has lead me to have a huge passion for helping people become the person they want to be. I love being able to work with a wide variety of individuals, teams, and companies. This means my days are always different, which I love! 

From my experience it is important for companies and teams to create the positive environments that they want. This allows their people to bring their best selves to work each day and work to the best of their strengths, which allows the team to work as a cohesive, happy unit.


My firm belief is that if each person is happy in their space in the world, has a purpose, and holds themselves accountable in regard to their actions and development, then the world has the potential of being pretty awesome.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Belbin Profile.png

This graph depicts where my strengths lie when working in a team. 

I am high when it comes to:

  • Resource Investigator

  • Plant

  • Coordinator

The combination of these three things means that I am very good at facilitation and the early adaption of new things.

I'm not particularly high in:

  • Implementer 

  • Monitor Evaluator

  • Completer Finisher​

This means I'm more of a big picture thinker and that I have had to learn to delegate and pass projects onto people who can consolidate and refine my ideas.