About Belbin®

In 1969, Dr Meredith Belbin was invited to use his business game as a starting point for a study of team behaviour at the Henley Management School.


His research identified that the most successful teams have a mix of different attributes. Nine distinct clusters of behaviour turned out to be useful, these were called “Team Roles".

Understand who you are

Belbin reports will help you understand who you are and how you work by analysing and explaining your work style and the behaviours that others see.


Enable you and your team

Belbin will enable you and your team to communicate and work together with greater understanding. 

The Blue Mercury team are accredited in Belbin Team Profiles and Belbin Team Architect. We are able to assist clients to use the many tools within this system. 


The reason we work with this profiling system is that we are encouraged by its focus on what we do well and playing to that strength on a regular basis to get great results.


We currently use Belbin across all industries where teamwork is vital for productivity.

Improved teamwork can increase productivity, raise morale and spur innovation in your teams. 


“Teams are a question of balance. What is needed is not well-balanced individuals, but individuals who balance well with one another.”

– Meredith Belbin

Belbin Services


These give insight for an individual on how they see themselves and how others see them. This can lead to better intercommunication and give that individual the opportunity for the individual to play to their strengths on a regular basis.

Through understanding how others see them a pathway may open around difficult conversations and how to work more effectively with others.

Individual Belbin


Understanding and valuing how we each contribute to a group.

Understanding why some people annoy us and strategies around those issues.

Understanding how the balance of attributes within a group and how to ensure the group works together effectively.

Understanding how to get back up and running if a team member leaves or is replaced.

Team Belbin


This process takes about an hour and will give you a set of attributes that may be useful when looking for a new employee of team member.

This process will also help you with the words to use in your job advertisements to connect with the type of person needed for your team.

Recruitment Belbin